Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Why we love Primavera

Primavera's range of organic aromatherapy products have now arrived at Love Lula.
Primavera’s aromatherapy products have shone out for the past two decades as the ultimate in pure plant power.

Most of the ingredients Primavera uses are bio-dynamic and organic and grown by regional experts using traditional techniques. The exceptional purity, authenticity and quality of their products, which exceed industry standards, sets Primavera apart.

One of the first Demeter-certified companies, Primavera has stayed true to its 20 year-old environmentally-sensitive and fair trade founding principles through its ongoing and active support for farmers and ecological cultivation projects.

The Primavera range includes essential oils, energising airsprays, floral waters, aroma roll ons and divine bodycare products….all designed to promote the Pure Joy of Life through the harmonising, uplifting aromas of nature’s finest plant essences.
My current favourites in the range are the gorgeously fragranced Angels Airpsray and the decadent organic rose infused Harmony Organic Bath Oil.....

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