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10 Minutes a Day to fitter more energised YOU

We all try so hard every day to eat the right things and use the best natural cosmetics to avoid all nasties from entering our bodies. Sometimes we are all guilty of forgetting to look after our bodies through exercise and not through choice but through there not actually being enough hours in the day. Work, School runs, Washing, Cooking, Cleaning – When do we fit it in? 

There is so much information out there telling you the ‘best’ way to get fit and many of them will do just that. However we are aware that not everyone has the time. So we have devised a quick 10 minute programme with some tried and tested exercises which will get your feeling energised in no time.

We believe that short sharp exercises such as jumping and squatting, is the best type of exercise you can do and there are lots of scientists who agree.  10 minute bursts of exercise a day has many Health Benefits:      

  •        Improve cardiovascular health by increasing your heart rate and getting the blood pumping. 
  •        Help  prevent Osteoporosis and helps build stronger bones.
  •        Improves your posture and balance.
  •        Tones muscles.
  •        Improves condition of your skin.
  •        Improves immune system, reducing illness. 
  •        Burns calories helping reduce body weight.

      These are just a handful of benefits and there are many more….

We are not expecting you to take up the triple jump in your back garden just yet but you do need to get your heart rate up and those muscles working to experience some benefit. Here are some exercises we recommend you do in your own time, at home, in the garden, in the park. Fit them in whenever you have a spare ten minutes and feel your energy levels increase.

We all know what a squat is but make sure you are working the muscles correctly. Put your arms out straight in front of you and as you squat down make sure you are sitting into the squat. This means your bum will go back and your knees will not go over your toes. Squat down until you are at 90 degrees. If you don’t go low enough you are not working the muscles as you should.
This exercise is great for your bum. See how many you can do in 2 minutes.  As you get better, squat quicker, but never lose your form. Ensure you are feeling the weight in your heels as your bum goes back.

Burpees are great for getting your heart rate up and getting those muscles working.  Squat down with your hands touching the floor. Jump both your feet back so your legs are out straight. Then jump your feet back in towards your hands and stand up. Then repeat this by squatting down again… As you get fitter add a jump in as you stand up. Ensuring you jump from bent knees and land on soft (slightly bent) knees to avoid injury.

Star Jumps

Start with your hands by your side and feet together. Jump your feet apart and as you do take your hands hands out straight above your head so you make a star shape. Speed up as you get fitter. Make them more difficult by starting in a squat position and jump from the squat position into the star position with your feet off the floor. 


High Knees
For High Knees stand on the spot and lift one knee at a time ensuring your knee is lifting to hip height or above.  As you low your leg lift the opposite knee up so you are taking both feet off the floor and exerting yourself. Swing the arms to help you lift your knees. Keep your head up and your back straight and slightly leaning forward.

Get yourself into the plank position on the floor. To do this put your forearms on the floor and come up onto yours toes, feet shoulder width apart. Contract your core muscles and ensure your bum is in line with your body. If your bum raises tuck it under, keeping the core strong and contracted.

Now you know the exercises set your clock for 10 minutes.

Do each exercise for 1 minute 45 seconds. Follow the exercise with 15 seconds rest.

Breathe deeply in through the nose out through the mouth, getting oxygen to your muscles and after 15 seconds straight into the next exercise.

Remember it is only 10 minutes so push yourself to get the maximum benefit.  However the quality of your exercises is more important than the quality. So keep strong ensuring each exercise is performed correctly.
Make sure no one distracts you so you can concentrate fully for just 10 minutes.

Record the amount you complete of each exercise. Try and improve your score each time.  Compare your results each week to see your improvement.

Lula x

*Always consult Doctor if you have any concerns about beginning a new fitness regime.


Friday, 25 January 2013

GUEST BLOG | Natalie Balmond, Creator of Purepotions Skincare

When and why did you start developing Purepotions?

When my 18 month old baby started to get red patches on her elbows and behind her knees I really believed that that was as far as it would go.  But little by little it got worse and worse until by the time Lula was 18 months, she was covered in it from head to foot.  Her skin was raw and inflamed most of the time and she scratched herself until she bled every night.  She cried and screamed when we applied creams to her skin that the doctor prescribed and nothing seemed to help.  I lost so much sleep from her itching in the night that there were times when life seemed utterly unbearable.  She could not lead a normal life like other children as all sorts of environments would flare up her skin.  Each time we saw a different doctor or specialist I pinned my hopes on them having the answer.  Most conventional approaches involve the use of pretty strong steroids and the more we used them the more worried I became about their long term affect on Lula.  I became quite sure that Lula was sensitive to the chemicals and preservatives used in most of these creams and I was desperate to find an effective product that did not contain these ingredients.  Over time we experimented with many approaches, from dietary changes to Chinese herbs but nothing made a significant difference to the condition of her skin.  My partner and I were sleep deprived, exhausted and desperate.  When great Ormond Street wanted to admit her for two weeks of intensive steroid treatment I felt like I was going to have a breakdown.Knowing how desperate I was, a friend gave me a book about herbs and I soon realized that it was possible to make an ointment in my own kitchen.  I could select the herbs I felt would alleviate her symptoms and be safe in the knowledge that I knew exactly what was going in to it.  I used Hemp Oil as a base which I knew was an excellent source of essential fatty acids, which eczema sufferers often lack. It took lots of changes and experimentation but I finally hit upon a combination which had an amazing effect.  Even before the final recipe was finished we noticed that she did not scream and flinch as we applied the ointment like she had done with all the other products we had tried.  The final recipe produced startling results.  Her skin was less angry and red, the broken skin began to heal and the itching was dramatically reduced.  The difference it made to how she slept was incredible and we continued to make endless pots for her over the months.  She was like a different child and our lives were transformed.  

When did you realise that you had created a product that worked and how did others find out about it? 

I started to make batches for friends and family and I realized that it wasn't a fluke!  Other people found great relief too.  Demand grew and eventually I decided that I really ought to make a go of selling it.  I teamed up with a partner and started a business.  We now receive hundreds of testimonies from eczema sufferers who have benefited greatly from its efficacy, and especially from parents who are hugely relieved to have found a remedy which is safe and steroid free for their babies and children.  

What are the main ingredients in Pure Potions and how natural is is?

All the ingredients in all our products are so pure you could eat them. We do not add any ingredient whatsoever which has the potential to cause harm. We will not use chemical preservatives, SlS,parabens, petrochemicals or perfumes.The main ingredient in most of our products is hemp oil which is extremely rich in essential fatty acids.Most mainstream skin products are made up of dozens of manufactured chemical ingredients which are considered suspect or even dangerous.  As the risks become more published, so the market for natural skin care products grows.  Many companies claim to be producing natural products but “natural” means many things to many people; the word certainly has significance to consumers and since the consumer believes that they exist, it is up to responsible companies to address this need in an honest way. Some companies have included one or two natural ingredients in their formulations alongside the potentially harmful ingredients mentioned earlier.  Some have included natural ingredients alongside ingredients that are naturally derived , some used ingredients of plant origin but have been processed until they barely resemble the original plant ingredient.  Others, like ourselves, have made an absolute commitment to formulating high quality 100% natural products; our ingredients are as close to their natural state as possible and we will not use any ingredient with the potential to cause harm 

How often can you use Purepotions products and can you use the Skin Salvation along side the Bath Oil?

You can apply the salve liberally to any part of the body as often as required. This product is safe for daily use and has no restrictions to the number of applications. It is for external use only. It is particularly useful at night as it can be applied thickly at this time.  At night it is best to wear old pyjamas after applying. The ointment can be used in conjunction with any other creams or emollients that you may have been prescribed. However to properly monitor the results it is advisable to try the product on its own, maybe on one concentrated part of the body.For maximum benefits the bath oil can be used alongside the salve every time you take a bath or a shower

You were recently on Dragons Den. What was that like? 

What may take 30 seconds to watch on the TV could have taken a working afternoon to create in the studio. In total we were stood in the Den for two hours of relentless interrogation. Two hours under intensely bright lights. Two hours batting forth queries. Two hours discussing financial minutiae. Two hours standing in heels. It was a nightmare. But it was totally worth it. Previously, we rehearsed our pitch over and over. We delivered it on several occasions to our staff. We performed it to other business people and welcomed difficult questions and feedback. We pitched our finances to accountants and offered our books for intense scrutiny. We studied the marketplace. We checked and re-checked our valuation of the business. We wanted to understand where the weaknesses might be in our argument so we might counter any opposition effectively. In short, we were incredibly well prepared for the interview. We honed our approach until everyone agreed we had done a thorough job.We did all the right things. Or so we thought, but we got a proper roasting. The Dragon’s focused on a single stone we had left unturned and went at it repeatedly. They started off all nice and friendly but ended up tearing strips off us.Running a business is a learning curve. Our advice to entrepreneurs is never being ashamed of the mistakes you make, because those who don’t make mistakes don’t make anything. If you have put a lot of hard work into your project, don’t let anyone take that away from you.Would we do it again? Hell yeah! We are dedicated business owners and we never pass up the opportunity to plug our product. It’s not about our damaged egos. It’s all about helping people overcome severe skin conditions.We were savaged by the fire breathing Dragon’s. But we would walk through Dragon fire to reach our customers. They are the ones who are important, not us. We’d do it again tomorrow. But next time we would trade our Zara suits for asbestos." 

What are your plans for the future of Pure Potions?

Purepotions' products are already well positioned in retail outlets throughout the UK but we would like to raise the company profile further, be available in multiples and pharmacies and reach as many sufferers as we can. We would like to be more easily available on the NHS and to replicate the success we have had in the UK by expanding into markets further afield. 

Do you have any tips for the application of Skin Salvation?  

Keep persevering, don’t expect overnight cures and expect that the skin will take a little time to restore. Keep using it every day and be patient. 

Natalie Balmond | Founder of Purepotions' Skincare

PurePotions' is available at 

Monday, 21 January 2013

Ekaterina Igumentseva, Founder of Organic Burst talks to us about do's and don'ts of detoxing.

Our latest Guest Expert on LoveLula's blog is Ekaterina Igumentseva. Ekaterina is the Founder of Organic Burst and is going to talk through her tips for cleansing the body. 

It’s a detox season. Who hasn't overindulged at Christmas and regretted it afterwards. Wondering where to start?

First of all, the organs (channels) of detoxification are your lungs, liver, kidneys, skin, lymphatic system, blood and colon and, when going on a detoxification programme, it is important to try and stimulate all these channels for a thorough result.

Here are some great basic rules that I would recommend to follow:

×   Eat more vegetables and fruit to increase your fibre intake: this will help cleanse the digestive tract and encourage elimination. Raw vegetables are good, but so are soups, especially in cold weather, and fresh juices and smoothies are exceptionally good for you. Go for whole grains. Add seeds.

×   Drink more water to flush your kidneys and again encourage elimination in the colon. Ideally you would want to aim for 6 to 8 glasses a day, and this could be bottled or filtered water, or herbal teas to enhance the cleansing process.

×   Exercise to stimulate your lymphatic system and circulation and to sweat toxins out. This could be anything from a 30 minutes walk 3 times a week to going to the gym, getting off the bus stop before you’re meant to, taking the stairs instead of lift etc.

One effective way to instantly improve your diet is to add superfoods. Superfoods are unique plants rich in a wide variety of nutrients, their potent action comes from a synergy of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and other compounds in them that all work together. Superfoods have incredible stories behind them, engraved in the cultures of the Inca, Aztec and other tribes that cherished them. When looking at superfoods, I would definitely place the following top of the list:

×   Wheatgrass helps cleanse liver, kidneys and skin from toxins. Organic Burst Wheatgrass is especially high in chlorophyll and fibre that boost cleansing. Chlorophyll has a similar composition to human blood, and as such, it is very healing. It is one of the most potent foods you will ever find.
×   Algae is the oldest life form on Earth: it is a primordial food. It is a very deeply healing but gentle food and a great superfood to start with. Organic Burst Spirulina is a rich source of protein, which should help make you feel full and help balance your blood sugar. It’s very high content of B vitamins is crucial for liver detoxification.
×   A├žai is an Amazonian berry that does wonders for the skin and body. It has one of the highest anti-oxidant levels of all fruit and vegetables ever tested by science – up to 8 times that of blueberries and 10 to 30 times that of red wine. One capsule of Organic Burst Acai contains only 100% organic freeze-dried Acai berry, the purest and most powerful form and no fillers or binders.

And the beauty of it is that you can continue taking superfoods to maintain the good results you have achieved during your detox programme. I would particularly recommend continuing with Organic Burst Spirulina on a daily basis, as it’s the most nourishing superfood for your body, whilst helping keep your metabolism active. Just mix a teaspoon in a glass of water or apple juice and squeeze some lemon!

Happy detox!

Ekaterina Igumentseva. Founder of Organic Burst. 

Organic Burst is available on 

Friday, 11 January 2013

Expert winter essentials from Jackie Tyson


We got the scoop from Jackie Tyson, famous for accentuating natural beauty
Jackie says... "keep your skin in good condition as 
that's the key to flawless make up in the winter!"

So... 'How to do it' by Jackie Tyson

1. Always cleanse and moisturise but in really cold 
weather it is important to step up your moisture 

2. Don't forget an SPF, even in winter!

3. Keep your lips in top form with Dr.Lipp which my 
three daughters and I never leave the house without. 
It protects lips and leaves them looking perfectly groomed. 
I also like to blend in some lipliner to add a little definition. 
Keep your Dr.Lipp to hand to add gloss and control
 to eyebrows or highlight cheek bones and brow bones.....
the list of beauty uses goes on!

4. I always wear foundation with a good moisture content to leave the skin looking dewy and ''skin-like''.

Dr. Lipp's Original Nipple Balm for Lips available at £11.00

Friday, 5 October 2012

10 in 10: Kimberly Sayer

Tell us about your background in skincare and product development?
As the daughter of organic gardener in England my family used the vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs from their organic gardens to create skin and body care products for their own use. I translated those childhood traditions into a career and trained with renowned UK aromatherapist Michael Winter, and attended The Neal's Yard Beauty Therapy College in London.  Integrating studies of aromatherapy, along with physics, chemistry and biology, I mastered the science of skincare using only organic ingredients. After receiving my Beauty Therapy degree, I went on to create my own menu of Holistic Face and Body Treatments, and practised organic aesthetics in New York and London for more than ten years at prestigious spas, including  Warren Tricomi.

What was the inspiration for your range?
Nature, when I am out in nature plants, flowers, botanicals speak to me. Just being present in nature I feel incredibly inspired experiencing the scents, growth of plants and visual imagery. I find the English countryside and California to be the best places for inspiration.

What is the most important thing to you when developing products?
That all ingredients, sources and manufacturing are clean and without use of chemicals in any stage or development of products. There are definite results with the products.

Where are your products made? Do you oversee the process yourself?
Products are made in an ECOCERT lab in Northern California and yes I do oversee the processes.

How involved are you in the production process?
From developing the formulas to the sourcing of ingredients and then watching the manufacturing occur.

What is your favourite/desert island product from the range?

Who inspires you in life?
Nature, animals and kind people such as Daphne Sheldrick who rescues orphaned elephants in Kenya.

Did you always plan to create your own skincare range?
I didn’t intend to do this, my clients kept asking me for the products I would mix up before each facial for their treatments. It all came from there really. The more I found the need for true, authentic, clean products, the more I was inspired to create my line.

You used to live in New York City, what did you love most about living there?
The energy and passion of the city for an entrepreneur is amazing in New York. Americans love the underdog and are very supportive, NYC has amazing opportunities. 

What is your favourite natural make up brand?!

I do like bareMinerals

Thanks Kimberly! Love Lula x

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

MEET & GREET | Dietitian Monika Siemicka talks 5-a-day and junk food!

Our latest Guest Expert on LoveLula's blog is Monika Siemicka, a London-based dietitian who will be on hand to talk about the myths and musts of diet and all things food-related. Here we get to know her and her job a little better! 

What made you want to become a dietitian?   

I knew that I wanted to work in a field related to medicine and was interested in the role diet plays in preventing and treating illnesses so I decided to study Nutrition and Dietetics. 

Eating well and keeping fit have always been important to me but you get so much conflicting advice on the internet, in magazines and on the TV.  I decided studying dietetics would allow me to separate the myths from the facts!

What qualifications did you have to get?

I studied Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Nottingham.  It was a 4 year course after which I qualified as a Registered Dietitian meaning I was able to work within the NHS.  Since then I have been on many different courses as there is always so much to learn about nutrition.  It is a new area that is constantly being developed and so I make sure I keep myself up-to-date with all the latest research and findings.

What exactly does your job involve?

I have now specialised in Haematology and Oncology Dietetics.  This means I work with patients who have cancer, supporting them throughout their chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment and then helping them get back to a normal lifestyle once they are in remission.  During treatment people tend to struggle with eating as they lose their appetite or the side-effects such as nausea and vomiting, prevent them from eating.  I work with them to try and make sure they maintain their intake as much as possible and don't lose too much weight.  Once people have completed treatment and are in remission then I advise them on getting back to a healthy, balanced diet. 

Everyone has different dietary needs - some want to lose weight, some need to gain weight, some may need to cut certain foods out of their diet so I have to make sure that my advice is specific to each person. 

Always a popular request is advice on weight loss! I have worked with people trying lose weight either on a one-to-one basis or in group sessions.  Some of the topics I cover are describing the five food groups, healthy choices and portion control.  I try to help people make small, easy changes to their diet that they can stick to and still get big results.

Do you think your own diet has changed a lot over the years working as a dietitian, or were you interested in healthy eating beforehand?

I think that I was always interested in living a healthy life-style so eating healthily and doing lots of exercise have always been important to me.  However, being a dietitian means that you always know exactly what food you're putting into your mouth - good or bad!  It's very easy for me to analyse my diet as it is part of my job so I suppose that has made me change my eating habits over the years for the better.  I'm pretty good with getting my 5 fruit and veg a day, for instance!

Are all dietitians super healthy?

Not at all!  The good thing is that we can justify eating most things as it's important to have a balanced diet, including chocolate!  I think that lots of people feel that being healthy means having a restricted diet and not being able to eat what you want but I always tell my patients that the main thing is to enjoy your food and I make sure I follow that advice too. 

Monday, 10 September 2012

The best of our Facebook Q&A with Nude Skincare

ProGenius Treatment Oil
Have all your products been re-formulated?

Yes we have introduced a new range which reflects the same ingredients and values as before but with some improvements to fragrance, texture and packaging. In terms of performance, the new products are better than ever. We've introduced an incredible pioneering cell nutrient n-probiotic™ which stimulates the skin to produce its own anti-ageing ingredients. We also use a specific blend of omega oils throughout the range sourced from plant oils. The range is also now gluten free and the beautiful jasmine and ylang ylang fragrance is 100% natural and allergen free.

Are the products safe for vegans too?

Yes all our products are suitable for vegans except our Replenish Daily Moisturiser which contains beeswax.

My first question is has Progenius replaced the Replenishing night oil? And if so, what's the difference?

Yes you're absolutely right, ProGenius is the next generation of Replenishing Night Oil. Like Replenishing Night Oil, ProGenius is rich in omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9, but this time we have sourced our oils from natural plant oils like borage, sea buckthorn, camelina and macadamia. You'll notice a few differences- better absorption, a bigger 30ml size so it lasts twice as long (and you can see when you are almost finished) and a greater concentration of omega 7 for extra skin nourishment. It also has a more subtle scent. You can use it in the morning or evening, and blended with your favourite moisturiser for an extra skin boost. We can't wait for you to try it, it's simply divine. 

I'd like to know how ProGenius fits with using the serum?

We recommend you use your Cellular Renewal Serum followed by ProGenius. You can do this day and night. It's like giving your skin a balanced diet, first with probiotics and then with omega oils. Your skin will thank you for it!

Recently I have started suffering from adult acne. What can I use to help? I want anti-ageing benefits in my skincare too which makes looking for products quite tricky as they all seem to be heavier creams and oils which I don't want to use as they feel so dense on my skin

A very reasonable request in skincare we think! That’s why we have created the Purify range. It is specifically targeted to balance oily and combination skin and clear congestion. Start and end the day with Purify Cleansing Wash and Purify Toning Water. They effectively cleanse the skin without stripping, leaving skin clear and comfortable. Follow with Purify Daily Moisturiser. It not only contains the Purify actives of cinnamon bark and ginger root to balance and refine, but it also contains our pioneering n-probiotic which stimulates the skin to produce its own anti-ageing ingredients, including collagen, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. It also contains softening omega 3 to soothe redness and irritation. The perfect balancing act for problematic skin.

Miracle Mask
Can you tell me if the perfect polish or miracle mask is best for a general exfoliation for sensitive skin, as I am not sure if the action of rubbing is harsher than the AHAs?

For a sensitive skin treatment we would recommend Perfect Polish. It is so softening and incredibly gentle, it will buff away your impurities without irritating the skin. Miracle Mask is a dual action mask that contains rice beads and AHAs, so it might be too active for your skin.

The Purify Daily Moisturiser and the Radiant Day Moisturiser are both in bottles, whereas the Replenish DailyMoisturiser is in a jar - is there a reason for that? Does packaging have any impact on the product itself?

That's a very good question. Packaging does not have an impact on the product itself, but it does help with the experience when different textures are concerned. We have chosen to use a jar for Replenish Daily Moisturiser and Cellular Renewal Moisturiser because the contents are thicker, and are easier to use from a jar. The glass jars are now 100% recycled which we are very happy about! They also look great on the bathroom shelf…

Short of surgery, is there anything that can realistically be done to get rid of or vastly improve skin that's becoming crepe-y in appearance in some areas (eyes and neck esp) and rapidly losing firmness or are you pretty much stuck with it once it's happened. My doctor just laughed, (not very helpful), when asked and said surgery.

No that's not very helpful at all! But it's a very legitimate question and one we think we can help you with. As we age and our skin suffers from damage it becomes harder to smooth the skin with topical treatments. We knew this and wanted to do something different. Rather than topically applying, say, hyaluronic acid to the skin, NUDE's new n-probiotic active cell nutrient (which can be found in all our products except our oils) actually works at the heart of cells. Within 24 hours, it stimulates skin to produce its own anti-ageing ingredients and within 3 days, cells appear younger. As cells appear younger and healthier, they become more active and have a stronger chance of renewing and firming skin. We would recommend you try our Cellular Renewal Serum and Moisturiser, they works as a pair to target fine lines and wrinkles, in synergy with your body. This is a long term solution. More than a daily remedy against ageing, NUDE teaches the skin to care for itself day after day. We hope that helps!

Which mask would you recommend for combination dehydrated skin please?

Miracle Mask, it’s such an incredible product to bring radiance back to dull and dehydrated skin. It will help to clarify the complexion so is perfect for combination skin.

Purify Daily Moisturiser
I'm currently pregnant and my skin is very temperamental, white heads on my nose and dry cheeks. What skin care regime would you recommend?

Congratulations! We wish you all the best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy term. We would recommend our Purify range, which includes our Purify Cleansing Wash, Purify Toning Water and Purify DailyMoisturiser. NUDE created this range specifically for combination skin; containing cinnamon bark, ginger root and burnet root extract to balance production and purify the skin revealing a fresh and clear complexion. It also contains omega 3 to reduce redness and irritation, the moisturiser in particular has a light, gel-like texture to soothe, calm and hydrate the skin without leaving it feeling too oily or greasy.

Will Progenius help fade acne scars over time?

ProGenius isn't clinically proven to fade acne scars over time so we wouldn't recommend it as a targeted product for this concern. It is rich in omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 to deeply nourish skin cells and reveal healthy, luminous looking skin.

Can you explain the difference between the radiant day and replenish daily moisturiser? I use the old advanced cellular moisturiser and I love it, but I am not sure which one would suit me better, even though my skin is dry but can get spots too. I tried the old balancing moisturiser but I prefer something much more moisturising, so I think the purifying will not be for me.

Good question, we're glad to hear you're a cellular renewal fan. Cellular Renewal Moisturiser is our amazing anti-ageing moisturiser. It contains our new n-probiotic to stimulate the skin to produce its own anti-ageing ingredients, as well as omega 6 & 9 to deeply nourish and hydrate. If you liked the old one, you’ll love the new one, it absorbs instantly into the skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth, firm and luminous. If your skin is prone to spots, we wouldn’t recommend the Replenish Daily Moisturiser as it’s for very dry skin types or Radiant Day Moisturiser which is more for normal skin. And yes you’re right, Purify Daily Moisturiser is part of our Purify Range which targets oily/ combination skins and it has a much lighter, gel-like texture. Why don’t you try a sample to see which moisturiser is best for your skin type?

Cellular Renewal Moisturiser
Hi Nude, do I need a moisturiser and serum if I use the ProGenius, and what order should I use them in?

It really depends on your skin. If it is dry you might benefit using all three. The order to use them would be serum first, followed by blending ProGenius and Cellular Renewal Moisturiser. If your skin isn't too dry you might find using all three at once too heavy. We also like alternating between using serum & ProGenius in the morning and serum & moisturiser in the evening. Finding a routine that suits your skin and lifestyle is always key.

Hi there I was wondering if it is possible to use too many products at once?

That's a great question and one we get asked a lot. It is possible to use too many products if your skin doesn't need them! The secret to beautiful skin is listening to your skin and what it needs, that should be the only rule. Depending on your skin type and skin concerns, we recommend using a cleanser, serum and moisturiser day and night, and a treatment twice weekly. 

My skin is somewhat sensitive and can break out. I had heard the nude cellular renewal serum may be helpful?

For your skin we would recommend the Purify range. It is specifically targeted to balance oily and combination skin and clear congestion. Start and end the day with Purify Cleansing Wash and Purify Toning Water. They effectively cleanse the skin without stripping, leaving skin clear and comfortable. Follow with Purify Daily Moisturiser. It not only contains the Purify actives of cinnamon bark and ginger root to balance and refine, but it also contains our pioneering n-probiotic which stimulates the skin to produce its own anti-ageing ingredients, including collagen, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. It also contains softening omega 3 to soothe redness and irritation. The perfect balancing act for problematic skin.

What do you recommend for eczema prone skin?

We don't have anything proven to suit eczema as it is a skin condition that often requires medical help. However, we would suggest that ProGenius would definitely help with the driest of skins, as would Replenish Daily Moisturiser. Both are rich in omegas, completely natural and absorb instantly into the skin. Just be careful not to use on broken skin. 

Huge thanks to the NUDE ProTeam for taking the time to answer all these questions, and to everyone who took part! Look out for more LoveLula live Facebook chats in the future.