Wednesday, 6 February 2013

10 Minutes a Day to fitter more energised YOU

We all try so hard every day to eat the right things and use the best natural cosmetics to avoid all nasties from entering our bodies. Sometimes we are all guilty of forgetting to look after our bodies through exercise and not through choice but through there not actually being enough hours in the day. Work, School runs, Washing, Cooking, Cleaning – When do we fit it in? 

There is so much information out there telling you the ‘best’ way to get fit and many of them will do just that. However we are aware that not everyone has the time. So we have devised a quick 10 minute programme with some tried and tested exercises which will get your feeling energised in no time.

We believe that short sharp exercises such as jumping and squatting, is the best type of exercise you can do and there are lots of scientists who agree.  10 minute bursts of exercise a day has many Health Benefits:      

  •        Improve cardiovascular health by increasing your heart rate and getting the blood pumping. 
  •        Help  prevent Osteoporosis and helps build stronger bones.
  •        Improves your posture and balance.
  •        Tones muscles.
  •        Improves condition of your skin.
  •        Improves immune system, reducing illness. 
  •        Burns calories helping reduce body weight.

      These are just a handful of benefits and there are many more….

We are not expecting you to take up the triple jump in your back garden just yet but you do need to get your heart rate up and those muscles working to experience some benefit. Here are some exercises we recommend you do in your own time, at home, in the garden, in the park. Fit them in whenever you have a spare ten minutes and feel your energy levels increase.

We all know what a squat is but make sure you are working the muscles correctly. Put your arms out straight in front of you and as you squat down make sure you are sitting into the squat. This means your bum will go back and your knees will not go over your toes. Squat down until you are at 90 degrees. If you don’t go low enough you are not working the muscles as you should.
This exercise is great for your bum. See how many you can do in 2 minutes.  As you get better, squat quicker, but never lose your form. Ensure you are feeling the weight in your heels as your bum goes back.

Burpees are great for getting your heart rate up and getting those muscles working.  Squat down with your hands touching the floor. Jump both your feet back so your legs are out straight. Then jump your feet back in towards your hands and stand up. Then repeat this by squatting down again… As you get fitter add a jump in as you stand up. Ensuring you jump from bent knees and land on soft (slightly bent) knees to avoid injury.

Star Jumps

Start with your hands by your side and feet together. Jump your feet apart and as you do take your hands hands out straight above your head so you make a star shape. Speed up as you get fitter. Make them more difficult by starting in a squat position and jump from the squat position into the star position with your feet off the floor. 


High Knees
For High Knees stand on the spot and lift one knee at a time ensuring your knee is lifting to hip height or above.  As you low your leg lift the opposite knee up so you are taking both feet off the floor and exerting yourself. Swing the arms to help you lift your knees. Keep your head up and your back straight and slightly leaning forward.

Get yourself into the plank position on the floor. To do this put your forearms on the floor and come up onto yours toes, feet shoulder width apart. Contract your core muscles and ensure your bum is in line with your body. If your bum raises tuck it under, keeping the core strong and contracted.

Now you know the exercises set your clock for 10 minutes.

Do each exercise for 1 minute 45 seconds. Follow the exercise with 15 seconds rest.

Breathe deeply in through the nose out through the mouth, getting oxygen to your muscles and after 15 seconds straight into the next exercise.

Remember it is only 10 minutes so push yourself to get the maximum benefit.  However the quality of your exercises is more important than the quality. So keep strong ensuring each exercise is performed correctly.
Make sure no one distracts you so you can concentrate fully for just 10 minutes.

Record the amount you complete of each exercise. Try and improve your score each time.  Compare your results each week to see your improvement.

Lula x

*Always consult Doctor if you have any concerns about beginning a new fitness regime.


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