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GUEST REVIEW | Buff Beauty takes a look at John Masters Organics

For me John Masters Organics epitomises all that the natural industry should and can stand for: effective and indulgent products, stylishly presented and promoted with a dose of glamour.

So, when LoveLula kindly offered me the chance to independently review some of the collection there was only one (easy) answer: yes please!

John Masters Organics is most famed for its haircare collection, with John first developing his organic products more than 20 years ago. The range has excitingly since expanded to feature skin and body care items. I was sent the following for review:

Whether you're jet-setting this summer or braving the British downpours, this is a product that deserves a little spot in your bag. It basically mimics the look of beach waves without the need for sand or sea.

The salt thickens and texturises your locks, boosting the natural movement of your hair, while the lavender oil nourishes and protects – and leaves your hair smelling incredibly pretty.

It couldn't be easier to apply, you just spritz it on (further styling optional). I'd recommend having a few play sessions to find how it best works with your own hair.

I've got fine hair but an abundance of it and, as it's naturally curly, it's reliant on plenty of conditioner. Personally I find the spray works best on dry hair and I particularly like using it to create a big, messy ponytail.

If you have poker straight hair it might be best plaiting it on damp, leaving it to dry and loosening just before you leave the house. Alternatively you can always scrunch dry for a tighter curl.

Citrus & Neroli Detangler: £16.00 for 237ml

Thandie Newton is said to be a fan of this product and - as a quick Google Image search will reveal - she isn't known to have bad hair days. If the Sea Mist is a contender for your bag, this conditioner deserves a permanent place in your shower.

As I've said, my hair needs a lot of conditioning, and I was doubtful that this lightweight detangler could do the job. But it really does.

It's promoted as suiting all hair types and I can believe it will as there's none of that nasty residue that can leave hair looking lank.

The blend of citrus and neroli is fresh but unobtrusive, making it a joy to apply daily.

I always wash and condition my hair at the start of my shower, allowing it to sink in for those extra few minutes. This product can then be rinsed out or left as a leave-in conditioner. With the primary ingredient as aloe vera leaf juice gel, you can imagine just how soft this makes your hair.

This product contains one of my absolute beauty obsessions: antioxidants! I eat them and slather myself in them whenever I possibly can.

No doubt you've heard the buzz, but if you're yet to understand what they do, antioxidants fight cellular damage: keeping your organs healthy and youthful (including the biggest organ of all, your skin).

So, if you want the dewy skin of youth, read on!

A gentle moisturiser, this is suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin types. Apricot oil, peach, rose and rice extract combine to enhance collagen production and promote cellular turnover, meaning a plumper, fresher complexion.

It's a very lightweight lotion and sinks in incredibly fast; if you're used to a thick cream or oil, this might take some getting used to, but it is very effective in keeping the skin hydrated throughout the day.

If I could make two tweaks to this product I'd make it slightly more fragrant (but that's just me being fussy) and I'd add an SPF. Meanwhile, you can always, of course, apply SPF separately either as a lotion or in make-up form.

All in all, I remain a huge fan of the John Masters range and have a number of items left on my to try list. If you're yet to sample the collection for yourself I urge you to delve on in: I'm certain you won't be disappointed.

Huge thanks to Buff Beauty blog for sharing her review! You can check out her site here

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