Friday, 5 October 2012

10 in 10: Kimberly Sayer

Tell us about your background in skincare and product development?
As the daughter of organic gardener in England my family used the vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs from their organic gardens to create skin and body care products for their own use. I translated those childhood traditions into a career and trained with renowned UK aromatherapist Michael Winter, and attended The Neal's Yard Beauty Therapy College in London.  Integrating studies of aromatherapy, along with physics, chemistry and biology, I mastered the science of skincare using only organic ingredients. After receiving my Beauty Therapy degree, I went on to create my own menu of Holistic Face and Body Treatments, and practised organic aesthetics in New York and London for more than ten years at prestigious spas, including  Warren Tricomi.

What was the inspiration for your range?
Nature, when I am out in nature plants, flowers, botanicals speak to me. Just being present in nature I feel incredibly inspired experiencing the scents, growth of plants and visual imagery. I find the English countryside and California to be the best places for inspiration.

What is the most important thing to you when developing products?
That all ingredients, sources and manufacturing are clean and without use of chemicals in any stage or development of products. There are definite results with the products.

Where are your products made? Do you oversee the process yourself?
Products are made in an ECOCERT lab in Northern California and yes I do oversee the processes.

How involved are you in the production process?
From developing the formulas to the sourcing of ingredients and then watching the manufacturing occur.

What is your favourite/desert island product from the range?

Who inspires you in life?
Nature, animals and kind people such as Daphne Sheldrick who rescues orphaned elephants in Kenya.

Did you always plan to create your own skincare range?
I didn’t intend to do this, my clients kept asking me for the products I would mix up before each facial for their treatments. It all came from there really. The more I found the need for true, authentic, clean products, the more I was inspired to create my line.

You used to live in New York City, what did you love most about living there?
The energy and passion of the city for an entrepreneur is amazing in New York. Americans love the underdog and are very supportive, NYC has amazing opportunities. 

What is your favourite natural make up brand?!

I do like bareMinerals

Thanks Kimberly! Love Lula x

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