Friday, 23 March 2012

Guest Post | Kimberly Sayer Shares Her Expert Tips for Ultra Hydrated Skin

The best way to hydrate the skin, is to have a preventative lifestyle that creates internal health and well-being. The skin is the largest organ of the body and will respond well to a healthy lifestyle. 
Say no to smoking which ages the skin prematurely. It causes your skin to lose its elasticity earlier, which makes it more difficult for it to hold onto moisture.
Start from the inside out. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods rich in antioxidants. The first step to hydrate your skin is to give your body the things it needs to repair itself.
Use a humidifier. You can use a humidifier while you sleep which can aid in giving dry skin a boost, which will prevent your skin from drying out throughout the day. Make sure you clean the humidifier every 5 days with distilled vinegar; otherwise bacteria can build up from use.
Protect your skin. Wear sunscreen every day. Sun damage does a great deal of damage to our skin, and even more so as we age. Exposure to the harmful effects of the sun can create more wrinkles, as well as discoloration and age spots, so if you are in the process of hydrating and restoring your skin so you have a more youthful glow, don't set yourself back by forgetting to wear sunscreen every day.

Find an excellent moisturizer and other skin care products that help to hydrate your skin. Use products with clean ingredients that will be absorbed internally into the cellular level. This will replenish your skin like moisturizers with Squalane from Olives to hydrate your thirsty aging skin. Maintain elasticity, promote cell turnover, and create a moisture barrier between your face and the environment for the greatest benefits.


Exfoliation is key to rid the build up of dry dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin. Use a gentle exfoliant that will not damage or irritate the surface of the skin that can lead to aging. We can recommend our Gentle Almond and Lavender Face Scrub that is gentle enough to be used daily if needed. If you have excessively dry skin use this scrub daily as an exfoliating mask by massaging a pea size into the face and letting it sit on the skin for 15 minutes. The Shea Butter, Squalane and Essential Oils will be absorbed into the skin and the three grains of Jojoba Beads, Almond Meal, and Oatmeal will deeply exfoliate and deep clean the skin. After 15 minutes remove with warm water and you skin will be less dry, feel so much softer and the color will be more vibrant. Also your daily moisturizer and your night cream will be absorbed a lot more effectively and deeply.

Always use a good moisturizer with a clean SPF at least SPF15 to be effective. If using a moisturizer or SPF made from minerals make sure that the company does not use micronized particles of Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide that will create a toxic compound and be absorbed into the liver. We at Kimberly Sayer of London have never and will never use Nano particles in our daily moisturizers.
We can recommend our Anti-Oxidant DailyMoisturizer with SPF25 for normal or dry skin and our Ultra Light FacialMoisturizer with SPF 30 for Combination, Oily or Acneic skin’s.

Use a good night cream to repair and restore while you sleep and a good treatment mask once or twice a week to hydrate and restore the skin back to a youthfull firmness and appearance. In the colder weather we suggest double layering by using a night cream or hydrating mask underneath your moisturizer to double layer, hydrate and protect and support the skin’s invisible protective layer, “the acid mantle”.
We can recommend our Hydrating Anti-OxidantFacial Mask and our Night creams.


I personally love Vitamin B Complex with VitaminC to combat stress and speed repair and absorption of nutrients, which will give healthy and restorative properties to the skin.

For hydration fish oils can prevent and repair skin conditions that range from dryness to psoriasis and may be effective in counteracting sun damage. They may also hydrate the skin and soften wrinkles.


Maren Springsteen said...

Excellent article, highly informative and great tips! I've been using Kimberly's products for years and my skin has never been better, have given them to friend, also, s and they were similarly impressed. These pure products transformed my parched skin back to how it used to be years and years ago and I am a devotee for life! I'd love to hear more from the fabulous founder herself, her skincare secrets are so important in a high stress, polluted, fast pace world where some pampering at the start and end of the day makes all the difference!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Kimberly changed the ingredients of her Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer? The old ones looked so much better!