Monday, 27 February 2012

Fairtrade Fortnight

From 27th February until 11th March  2012, we'll be celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight, 2 weeks that are dedicated to promoting the importance of fairness and quality in the production process of everything, from clothes to beauty products.

If you see the Fairtrade stamp on a product, you know that the seal of approval has been given by this organisation to a brand that has ensured that everyone involved in the production process, both individuals and communities, were treated and paired fairly for their work.

We're delighted to have Fairtrade products on LoveLula. Brands like cult favourite Dr. Bronner's are Fairtrade from start to finish in the production process of their best-selling products. Other brands like evolve use Fairtrade ingredients, and in using those ingredients they are supporting cooperatives in countries like Morocco.

To support Fairtrade Fortnight and the work that the Fairtrade Foundation does, we're running a give away on Facebook of our favourite Fairtrade brands! Visit our Facebook page for all the details on how to enter - it's easy peasy!

First up are 10 Castille Liquid Soaps from Dr. Bronner's for 10 lucky winners!

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