Friday, 11 January 2008

LOTW: suki's lemongrass cleanser

Having been parted from this cleanser this week it's reminded me why I love it so much - the difference it makes to my skin is quite incredible. It leaves my slightly oily and acne prone complexion matt and smooth without leaving it tight or dry, it keeps my skin beautifully clear and helps prevent blackheads too but it also gives my skin a glow and leaves it looking really the gentle exfoliating properties of this cleanser boost cell renewal so it can be part of an anti aging skincare, love, love it!

suki's lemongrass exfoliating cleanser is available at here


kali said...

hi, is it ok to use it if my skin has acne?

Lula said...

hi kali - it's perfect for acne prone and skin with acne