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Ekaterina Igumentseva, Founder of Organic Burst talks to us about do's and don'ts of detoxing.

Our latest Guest Expert on LoveLula's blog is Ekaterina Igumentseva. Ekaterina is the Founder of Organic Burst and is going to talk through her tips for cleansing the body. 

It’s a detox season. Who hasn't overindulged at Christmas and regretted it afterwards. Wondering where to start?

First of all, the organs (channels) of detoxification are your lungs, liver, kidneys, skin, lymphatic system, blood and colon and, when going on a detoxification programme, it is important to try and stimulate all these channels for a thorough result.

Here are some great basic rules that I would recommend to follow:

×   Eat more vegetables and fruit to increase your fibre intake: this will help cleanse the digestive tract and encourage elimination. Raw vegetables are good, but so are soups, especially in cold weather, and fresh juices and smoothies are exceptionally good for you. Go for whole grains. Add seeds.

×   Drink more water to flush your kidneys and again encourage elimination in the colon. Ideally you would want to aim for 6 to 8 glasses a day, and this could be bottled or filtered water, or herbal teas to enhance the cleansing process.

×   Exercise to stimulate your lymphatic system and circulation and to sweat toxins out. This could be anything from a 30 minutes walk 3 times a week to going to the gym, getting off the bus stop before you’re meant to, taking the stairs instead of lift etc.

One effective way to instantly improve your diet is to add superfoods. Superfoods are unique plants rich in a wide variety of nutrients, their potent action comes from a synergy of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and other compounds in them that all work together. Superfoods have incredible stories behind them, engraved in the cultures of the Inca, Aztec and other tribes that cherished them. When looking at superfoods, I would definitely place the following top of the list:

×   Wheatgrass helps cleanse liver, kidneys and skin from toxins. Organic Burst Wheatgrass is especially high in chlorophyll and fibre that boost cleansing. Chlorophyll has a similar composition to human blood, and as such, it is very healing. It is one of the most potent foods you will ever find.
×   Algae is the oldest life form on Earth: it is a primordial food. It is a very deeply healing but gentle food and a great superfood to start with. Organic Burst Spirulina is a rich source of protein, which should help make you feel full and help balance your blood sugar. It’s very high content of B vitamins is crucial for liver detoxification.
×   Açai is an Amazonian berry that does wonders for the skin and body. It has one of the highest anti-oxidant levels of all fruit and vegetables ever tested by science – up to 8 times that of blueberries and 10 to 30 times that of red wine. One capsule of Organic Burst Acai contains only 100% organic freeze-dried Acai berry, the purest and most powerful form and no fillers or binders.

And the beauty of it is that you can continue taking superfoods to maintain the good results you have achieved during your detox programme. I would particularly recommend continuing with Organic Burst Spirulina on a daily basis, as it’s the most nourishing superfood for your body, whilst helping keep your metabolism active. Just mix a teaspoon in a glass of water or apple juice and squeeze some lemon!

Happy detox!

Ekaterina Igumentseva. Founder of Organic Burst. 

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