Friday, 30 May 2008

wood glimmer

Wood Glimmer sighed. The little mushroom elf cowers in the border of a wood on a mushroom and has her arms twined around her knees. Wishfully she was looking to her relatives, the rose elves. These were flying in a rose bed nearby and they were busy to muster the roses flavour onto their hair and their luminous, red, rosa coloured or yellow dresses.

Wood Glimmer also wanted to be a rose elf. Then she would live in a smelling flower and her dress would have the same colour as the flower in which she was living. Even the dresses of elves living in white roses are gorgeous, wood glimmer thought. They were shining so bright like the stars. Angrily she was twitching her ordinary brown dress.

Due to living in the lamellae of mushrooms the dresses of mushroom elves were light or dark brown. Boring and ugly, wood glimmer was thinking and sighed again. The worst thing was, that apart from her none of the other mushroom elves was unsatisfied with her look. They were all happy that their dresses could easily be kept clean and that they were not torn as quickly as the rose elves' dresses.

Wood Glimmer could not understand that. She would have loved to wear a splendorous dress, although she would have to wash and cobble it more often. She would have liked a red dress best because red was her favourite colour.

"Why are you looking so sad?" she was asked. Wood Glimmer turned around surprised., but could not see anybody. "Where are you?" she asked and flew up into the air to have a better view.

"Here I am", it was giggling. The little elf still could not find anybody. "Where are you?", helpless she relanded on the ground. The air began to flicker and to shine in front of her and all of a sudden a fabulous figure with shimmery wings was standing right in front of her.

"You are the Queen of the Faeries" Wood Glimmer was stuttering. The creature smiled a friendly smile. "Yes, I am. And you are an elf, a mushroom elf. Shouldn't you be happy about that and sing and dance?"

Wood Glimmer was staring at the ground feeling embarrassed. "I like being an elf, but.....", she stumbled. "But? Come on, tell me!", the Queen of the Faeries said. "I'd love to have such a colourful dress as the rose elves."

"Mushroom elves wear brown clothes because the mushrooms you live in are brown too." the Queen of the Faeries explained. "I know" said Wood Glimmer. "Is it possible for me to become a rose elf and live in the roses?"

"That's impossible. You are a mushroom elf and you will be a mushroom elf for good. You should be proud of that. But maybe I can help you...." She was smiling. "In which mushroom are you living?"

"In this one. Look it is round and the lamellae are tender."

"You seem to like it. Look I will show you something!" She took a fingertip of shimmery magic powder out of her pocket and blew it over the mushroom. After the glint was over, the mushroom had transformed.

Wood Glimmer ran towards the mushroom. Then she looked looked down at herself and started to cheer. Her dress wasn't brown, it had changed into a bright red dress with white spots. Exactly like the Fly Agaric mushroom she was standing before. And since that day you can spot these special mushrooms hidden away in the forests.....

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