Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The best of our chat with NUDE Skincare

Last week, we were joined by the lovely ladies at NUDE Skincare for a live Facebook chat, where our followers could ask the experts all their beauty questions. Emma, NUDE's formulations guru, and Christina, their resident product expert helped provide excellent advice for creating a skincare routine that suits you and your skin type. If you missed out on the chat, don't fear! Here we pick a few of our favourite Q&A's from the day:

My fiancé has some skin damage from his acne as a teenager, do you have any recommendations that could help smooth his skin and help with the scars?

Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum
Emma: We don't have one specific product that is proven to deal with acne scars; however, we have a lot of feedback from customers who swear our Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum has helped reduce pigmentation and the appearance of scars and acne scarring. This may be due to its high concentration of probiotic technology, which is proven to stimulate cellular renewal by up to 70%. While I can't guarantee it will reduce his acne scarring, there certainly is a fair chance it will help. What I know for sure is if he uses this once or even twice a day, his skin will be smoother, firmer and younger looking.

My skin has become dull and pigmented but slightly more oily after having my little boy... What would you recommend for this?

Christina : I have two products that will work wonders for you- Miracle Mask and AdvancedCellular Renewal Serum. Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum can be used once or twice a day and is clinically proven to increase cellular renewal by up to 70%. This will not only boost your skins radiance but can also help with pigmentation. Our Miracle Mask is just that, a miracle! You should use it as a treatment twice weekly. Leave it on the skin for 5 minutes then remove. It will boost circulation, gently exfoliate the skin and leave your complexion absolutely glowing. Dullness can also be a sign of dehydrated skin so I would suggest you asses your current skincare routine and ensure that you are using products that boost hydration levels in the skin and nourish. Two products I recommend for a daily dull and dehydrated routine are our Cleansing Facial Oil and Moisture Balance.

I have eczema, what you recommend as my daily skincare regimen? I use non-natural products at the moment and want to start cleaning up my bathroom cabinet

Replenishing Night Oil
Emma : One thing we at NUDE firmly believe in is keeping things simple. Try not to mix up your routine too often and over complicate things! NUDE is 98% natural- your skin responds to natural products and can safely metabolize natural ingredients far better than any chemicals. For eczema it’s important to use products that will help to keep the skin calm and soothed. Products that will help with this condition are our Cleansing Facial Oil and Replenishing Night Oil, both rich in omega oils and incredible nourishing. We also use probiotics across our range, proven to soothe and hydrate the skin, two star products are Moisture Balance and Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum.

Could you tell me is it is really possible to recover skin that has become much less firm especially around the eyes and neck? I have tried so many things but very little difference to date.

Christina: The skin around the eyes and neck are those most likely to be damaged by sun and therefore lose elasticity and collagen. I do believe you can help to target your concerns with the right products. My suggestions would be NUDE’s Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum, this wonder serum is to be used on the face, neck, décolleté and around the eyes. It contains peptides to increase the production of collagen, elastin and fibronectin – turning back the clock. You can use this in conjunction with the Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturiser, our incredible hydration boosting moisturiser which shares the same Probiotic Technology as our serum. NUDE’s independent clinical studies for our Probiotic Technology have shown to increase cellular turnover by 70%, reduce damage by 50% and decrease ageing irritation by 35%, so don’t lose hope just yet!

I have natural bags under my eyes, which as I get older get saggier and darker. What could you recommend I use to tame them, and what would be best to conceal them?

Advanced Eye Complex
Emma: Bags under the eyes can be caused by anything from tiredness, stress, putting too much product on which congests the area, or just genetics! You need a product that is light and gentle on the area, but which is packed with active ingredients to increase circulation (flushing out any puffiness and reducing the dark circles), plus one which will increase the production of structural components within the skin – peptides are normally very effective at increasing collagen and hyaluronic acid production within the skin to firm the area. Plus if you throw in some actives to have an instant plumping and tightening effect, you should start to see an improvement. We have designed Advanced Eye Complex to target all of the main concerns around the eye (it has all of the above), plus we added Acacia which has an amazing tightening action (you can feel it working as soon as you apply). To conceal bags I would suggest looking for a very light textured concealer to prevent congesting the area and it gathering in any creases, but with a good coverage.

I have very dry/dehydrated and flaky skin on my face, is there anything specific you would recommend for my skin type?

Christina: Dry and flaky skin can be due to a number of factors- weather and hormones are two examples, but this can also be exacerbated by products that strip the skin. We have some incredible products for very dry skin to expertly nourish, smooth and soften. The regime I would recommend is as follows… cleanse day and night with our Cleansing Facial Oil. Often cleansers are made with sulphates and mineral oils which strip the skin of its natural oils and protection. Cleansing FacialOil is beautiful without these ingredients and effortlessly lifts all traces of makeup, even eye makeup, leaving your skin incredibly soft. Then I recommend you follow day and night with Replenishing Night Oil. This is our best selling product. Rich in omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 it instantly absorbs and provides expert skin nourishment. I recommend it for all dry skin sufferers, even those with eczema and psoriasis. If you are also concerned with ageing I suggest you look at using Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum into your routine in the evening, just before you apply your Replenishing Night Oil. On top of this, I would also recommend using an exfoliating treatment such as Miracle Mask twice a week to gently polish away dry patches and leave skin incredibly soft and smooth. This will make it easier for your Moisturiser to absorb into the skin.

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