Thursday, 5 April 2012

Nude's Bryan Meehan chats to LoveLula

We are loving Nude Skincare this week on LoveLula, the reason? Well the main reason is to celebrate the fantastic Nude Replenishing Night Oil getting the highest ever score in the Anti Ageing Beauty Bible last year. We decided a chat with Co-Founder Bryan Meehan would be the best way to get a little bit more info on such a great brand, here's what he had to say...

Tell us a bit about your background and how it led to starting NUDE?
The idea for NUDE came from my experiences working in my organic food stores Fresh & Wild across London. Over my career I had been encouraging people to eat foods that improved the way their bodies work, and as the skin is the largest organ of the body, I think it makes sense to feed it well. My understanding of nutrition and wellbeing is that it is crazy to put synthetic, artificial ingredients in, or on, your body. 
My customers shared my philosophy, and wanted the best organic food, were very motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle and were mad into yoga and supplements. However, when it came to beauty, I felt the modern woman was skeptical that natural skincare actually worked. Hence they were going into Space NK and Selfridges and buying ‘conventional’ skincare brands. Women were avoiding natural skincare because, while they understood that it was good for them and their skin, it wouldn’t tackle wrinkles or deliver any of the anti-ageing benefits that conventional skincare would.
This made no sense to me that women who made healthy, natural and organic choices about food and exercise had to turn to synthetic chemicals to see real results in their skin. An idea for an alternative was born. That idea was NUDE.
What or who inspires you?
I am a great admirer of Patrick Holden- he was the Director of Soil Association for 15 years and has now created the Sustainable Food Trust. He’s a trailbrazer for eco-business and remains a key advisor in environmental and sustainability issues to Prince Charles.

Which part of creating NUDE Skincare was your favourite?
Creating NUDE was and is still so exciting- every day is a fun challenge working on new products and projects. I love working with the NUDE team, pushing the boundaries to deliver the best in natural skincare, and I love speaking to our customers and learning from them, what they like and what they’d like to see NUDE develop in the future.

What, from the NUDE range is your desert island product?
This is a tough question! But if only choosing one, I’d say the Replenishing Night Oil. I use it daily and as I lead a very outdoorsy lifestyle, it is fantastic at keeping my skin moisturised and protected. I also love Cleansing Facial Oil which is fantastic for cleansing, as well as shaving!

Tell us about the awards that NUDE Skincare has picked up so far?
Exactly a year ago, The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible awarded our Replenishing Night Oil their highest ever score (9.65 out of 10). This is a phenomenal recognition, as all products in the Beauty Bible are tested by real consumers. On top of this, we were thrilled the learn this month that our Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum was awarded the ‘Best Serum’ award by Natural Health Magazine

Any exciting plans for 2012 you can tell us about?!
We are working on introducing some exciting new products later this year so watch this space! 

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