Tuesday, 1 May 2012

FIRSTLOOKLULA | Founder Nikki Cooper Introduces Inner Me

As FIRSTLOOKLULA launches, we asked the brands to introduce themselves. First up is Nikki Cooper, founder of Inner Me supplements.

Taking vitamins has never been so easy!

As every woman knows health, beauty and vitality all begin within but unless you are an expert in nutrition, the world of vitamins can be overwhelming never mind uninspiring with large and somewhat unattractive bottles. So we at Inner Me are aiming to transform the appeal of vitamins to health-conscious women in the UK. 

Dedicated to all things we desire, be it sumptuous skin, lustrous locks, inner calm or even the big ‘O’, we have brought a range of high quality, potent natural supplements to fortify your Inner You. We believe vitamins should be an active part of our daily routine, as essential as our moisturiser, this is why all of our products come in stylish handbag packs, perfect for girls on the go, we even tell you what day of the week you are on. With our illustrated ‘girls’ who adorn our pretty packs we also help you understand what each supplement can help you achieve in terms of health, beauty and vitality.

Find here on Lovelula.com our first two Vitamin Complexes to be launched, Beautify Me our ultimate hair, skin and nails supplement and Lustrous Locks, as when it comes to healthy hair it is not just what you put on your tresses that counts, it is what you put in your body too.

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Ania said...

I love how you are promoting health from within as being the starting point for external beauty! It's true that only heavy air-brushing can cover up bad skin from a poor diet. Supplementing is very useful, in combination with a balanced diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. How exciting to have vitamins that are packaged for girls! Would love to know more about the content of the supplements!