Thursday, 26 April 2012

Guest Post | Nicola Elliott, Founder & Director of NEOM Luxury Organics, on how to scent your home (and garden) for spring

After months and months of sitting indoors listening to the rain beat on the windows or watching the snow fall onto my shrivelling mint plants, suddenly we find ourselves with light evenings and the urge to plump-up cushions! Bunches of fresh flowers make their way into the kitchen, my little ones venture onto the back lawn and we start to think of garden parties.

But when the sun is shining and the windows are ajar, what’s the right scent choice to keep your home feeling fresh and fragrant this time of year?  Heavier, cosy candle scents suddenly don't feel so right. For me, this is the time to bring a splash of springtime inside.

NEOM's Inspiration Candle
Opt for fresh scents that are indicative of spring - try lemon or grapefruit or a slightly floral scent such as violet or jasmine. They’re clean and not too over-powering. So when you walk through your front door each evening it reminds you it’s spring. NEOM’s Inspiration scent which combines Violet with Chamomile & Cedarwood is a perfect accompaniment to sunny, breezy days and is a personal favourite.

I have to say when it’s time to actually head into the garden and enjoy the springtime I get a little disheartened but only for a moment. I have always imagined having an amazingly planted garden with my own herb plot. Well with two children and running a business this has been put on the back-burner! But then I remember I have a great cheat to hand. When we have guests round for a garden party and as the sun goes down I light my Inspiration or Tranquillity (which is full of English lavender) candles and my guests think they are sitting in a violet or lavender field! The cashmere throws come out and we sit until the early hours in candle light chatting and enjoying the gorgeous natural scents!

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