Thursday, 3 July 2008

new! dr alkaitis

It's here! It's finally arrived; Dr Alkaitis organic skincare launches today in the UK with 9 key products all of which are suitable for all skin types.

I love love love this range! It embodies all the things that make me so passionate about organic beauty; Dr Alkaitis uses only 100% natural ingredients which he sources himself from the world's finest organic and biodynamic growers. He prepares the extracts to use in the skincare products himself too using methods which ensure the ingredients retain their various synergistic components (rather than isolating a single element in the extract) and their living vitality.

He then blends the ingredients together like a true alchemist, creating blends that are not only light, easily absorbed and a joy to use but that adapt to your individual skin type bringing more vitality, radiance and balance to the skin.

The full Dr Alkaitis organic skin care range is now available from For personal recommendations on which products to choose from the range for your skin's needs email me at

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The GIN Lady said...

You are absolutely right Lula. They are fab. They sent me their Serum to test, and I recall you said they were great in our interview. From now on, I shall buy from you! So glad you are stocking their goodies. Hope all is well with you xx