Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Intelligent Nutrients by The Beauty Tonic

Intelligent Nutrients is the brainchild of Horst Rechelbacher, the founder of Aveda. After he sold Aveda to the Estee Lauder Companies in the late 1990s he set about creating a new brand staying true to the original Aveda principles of all products being based around nature and nature’s ingredients. The range is outstanding and has been a huge hit in America for several years now. Whenever I went accross the pond I would always find myself stocking up on Intelligent Nutrients products for friends and family and this stash would always inevitably take up another suitcase.

IN has morphed over the last few years into a mega brand in the US with a 570 acre Intelligent Nutrient headquarters based outside of Minneapolis. It is here that all of the research is done into the products and there is even a learning centre one can visit. The basic principle of the brand is that “Much of what goes on your skin can be absorbed into it. If it’s good enough to go on your body, it should be good enough to go into your mouth. And conversely, if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, don’t put it on your skin”. Taking this mantra to heart, Horst has been known to get on stage in front of thousands of people and drink his hairspray straight from the bottle- yes, this range is REALLY that pure.

I cannot tell you how excited I am that this brand is finally reaching Europe. A smaller selection of products will be available initially with plans to stock everything here eventually. I popped along to the launch where Dr.Charles Forsyth, a well known Naturopath gave a speech on toxicology. Although fascinating it also made for uncomfortable listening with all of the facts and figures about chemicals used in everyday life and how they are seeping their way into the food system and our bodies.

Dr.Forsyth was particularly concerned with how he now finds many patients come to him with what he classifies as preventable diseases, ones that you can’t vaccinate against, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, allergies and autoimmune diseases. He rightly pointed out that these things did not even exist 2oo years ago and went on to outline many of the reasons for this modern malaise. These include: bad nutrition, lack of exercise, radiation levels and stress. What we should be most concerned about is how pollutants are binding to our DNA and changing the structure of it; he regularly sees babies born with lead and other toxins already in their system. With over 100,000 synthetic chemicals now in existence, 30,000 are in daily use! Many of these chemicals mimic oestrogen causing all sorts of problems to the endocrine system. Several naturopaths agree that many diseases such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome are a direct result from over exposure to these toxins.

With such scary statistics lingering in our heads we were then introduced to the products in the range and their ingredients. You can try as hard as you like to find a nasty ingredient in IN products, but it is impossible, the range is just so clean. As far as singling out products that I love, like my other favourite brands, I find it really difficult as practically everything is just wonderful. Over the coming weeks I will write about a few products I have been using for years that are already part of my skin and haircare regime. Stay tuned!

Huge thanks to The Beauty Tonic ( for this fab blog about Intelligent Nutrients!

Love Lula x

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Dori Schwaiger said...

Thank you for the info on this not so well known line of natural beauty products. There are so many beauty lotions and potions on the market today that claim to be organic or natural, however when reading the labels it seems all are not as pure as they claim. I did not know about Intelligent nutrients until I read your blog. Thanks for turning me on to something new :)