Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Congratulations to Herbfarmacy!

Co-directors of Herbfarmacy Organic Skincare, Paul Richards – doctor in botany and plant physiology - and his wife Carol have been voted in the Top 3 of natural beauty leaders in the country. The results were announced this month by The Natural Beauty Yearbook.

Paul Richards has spent the past 28 years growing herbs organically and harnessing their medicinal benefits in his innovative range of skincare products, tinctures, ointments and oils.

Earlier this year Herbfarmacy’s Just Eyes Cream was voted the ‘Best Facial Skincare Product’ in the Natural and Organic Awards 2011. It’s Rose and Echinacea Toner was a finalist and the Rose Face Oil was selected as the ‘Best Facial Oil’ in the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2011.

The company fulfills the farm to skin experience and it is the only UK organic skincare company to grow and make its products on site. Infusions of plant oils and unique combinations of essential oils are transformed into luxurious skincare products, all made by hand.

“It is so rewarding for the team to be recognised for their dedication,” says Paul. “We run a labour intensive business – growing and harvesting the herbs and handcrafting our skincare products. We couldn’t do it without a loyal team.”

One of the first herbs Paul grew commercially was Comfrey. The leaves were dried for Comfrey Tea and the roots were used to make a powder for animals suffering from arthritis. He went on to make a range of healing ointments using combinations of herbal oils.

The continuing success of the ointments inspired the creation of the Herbfarmacy range of everyday skincare. The products capture moisturising, anti-inflammatory and replenishing properties of key herbs to nurture and protect the skin.

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