Monday, 20 February 2012

London Fashion Week Profile | Christopher Raeburn

It's London Fashion Week and as Britain's best designers showcase the work they've been slaving over for months, one designer in particular is paving his own way in the fashion world.

His first appearance at London Fashion Week was in 2009, making Christopher Raeburn a relative new-comer among designers who have been hanging around for decades. However, in that short time, Raeburn has earned a significant amount of attention and awards, not least of which was a British Fashion Award last year, one of the most prestigious awards in fashion.

Christopher Raeburn AW12 at London Fashion Week
What really sets Raeburn apart is his dedication to ethical and sustainable fashion, something of a hushed subject in the world of high-end fashion. It was the support of Esthetica which enabled him to show at London Fashion Week in 2009 for the first time. To gain support from this BFC initiative, a designer must tick one of the Esthetica boxes: fair trade and ethical practice in the production process, including organic fibres and the use of up-/recycled materials and fabrics. That last one was Raeburn's forte - he has made a name for himself by making pieces from re-appropriated military fabrics and everything is made in England.

2009 was his year apparently, as he also won an award for Innovation from the International Ethical Fashion  Forum, an organisation that promotes social and environmental sustainability in fashion.

With Livia Firth bringing sustainable fashion to the red carpet and Raeburn bringing it to the catwalk, it's clear to see people are paying attention to ethical fashion and making sure that beautiful clothes don't come from not-so-attractive sources. It's something that LoveLula totally associates itself with, as we like to know that our products don't herald bad things for the environment or society.

Here's to seeing a lot more ethical fashion on the fashion stage!

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