Thursday, 9 February 2012

LoveLula Meets Estelle & Thild Founder Pernilla Rönnberg

To celebrate the launch of LoveLula's latest launch, Estelle & Thild, we caught up with its founder, Pernilla Rönnberg to find out the brand and the brains behind it:

Tell us how your brand began?
Estelle& Thild began with my attempts to find mild organic products for my daughters Estelle & Mathilde. I soon felt that many others shared my passion for pure natural skin care, and the result is a full line of skin care products for all ages. The concept remains the same – mild, organic, high-quality Swedish products that protect the skin’s natural balance.”

What or who is your biggest inspiration?
My daughters and their future inspired me to create a sustainable brand with the vision to make a difference.

What is your favourite part of creating your own products?
That we create a new generation of skincare that combines experience and innovation with highest quality ingredients.

Product creation is a long process and it is always very rewarding to see the final result!

We love the packaging of Estelle & Thild, what inspired you to make it this way?
The Estelle & Thild customer is aware of her choices and care about sustainability and other core values, yet she does not want to give up on an overall experience of quality and design. We therefore aim to be the perfect combination of award winning design and pure organic products.

Which other beauty products do you admire?
I love a good mascara for everyday use!

What is your desert island product?
Our Rose Otto Advanced Age Prevent Serum and Face Oil are two of my favourite products. You can mix them for a rejuvenating treatment and also adapt the amount of oil according to your daily skin condition.

If someone was new to Estelle & Thild, what would you recommend they try first?
Our gorgeous Raspberry Lip balm nourishes dry lips and comes in three shades to suit every skintone.

What is next for Estelle & Thild?
We aim to be leaders in our category and to bring Scandinavian eco-luxury to another level.

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