Saturday, 27 January 2007

New! Alquimia's alchemic natural body shaping range

When I first tried Alquimia's divine natural bodycare products I knew I'd found something special. The samples arrived on a day when I feeling out of sorts and 'zen' I certainly wasn't!

As a healer you are trained to feel the energy of the different things you come into contact with from people, to plants or places. Alquimia's products have a beautifully clean but potent energy and when I first tried them I felt a sense of peace and calm wash over me.

It is this magical and powerful property of natural products that has always fuelled my passion for the natural beauty treats at we source for LoveLula. A chemical based cleanser for example will only ever be a formula that removes dirt from your face. It's functional. A natural product made reverently, expertly and with love is so much more. It bottles the powerful magical and mystical power of nature providing your skin, mind & soul with untold benefits.

Alquimia is situated in a 14th Century House in a beautiful valley in the Pyrenees surrounded by fields of medicinal plants and fragrant flowers. They use ancient alchemic techniques (including harvesting according to an astrological time table and asking permission of mother nature!) to transform the essence & extracts of medicinal plants into these exquisite natural body and skin care products.

My favourite Alquimia products include Alquimia's Anti Cellulite Oil for shifting orange peel (just in time for summer) and their Body Oil for Firm and Healthy Skin to help tone up & firm those floppy bits especially around the thighs, arms, stomach and neckline.

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