Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Reach for some organic first aid....

When we first discovered Z-Gel (a well kept secret amongst doctors in it's homeland, France) we knew exactly the person to trial it for us; my self confessed hypochondriac husband to be Caspar.

A long time devotee of commercial first aid preparations and someone who sticks to what works when he finds it, he wasn't a soft target, but Z Gel overwhelmingly impressed. He found it really effective on everything from knocks and bruises, to insect bites to grazing. He's now on a regular supply of the stuff.....

We knew it would be good, but it's always nice to get confirmation! Z Gel combines traditional healing herbs such as calendula and arnica with Bach Flower Essences to take the edge off minor shocks or traumas making it a perfect all-round holistic natural first aid remedy.
A must for every earth mother's first aid kit.

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