Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Wedding plans

The past few weeks have been a little hectic. LoveLula moved to a new office just after New Year and once my head stopped spinning over that the impendingness of my wedding hit home...just over 3 months to time at all and lots to hyper ventilation began. So after a week of frantic activity I feel plans are moving forward, we just need to keep the momentum.

I am not sure at this point in time whether I am regretting the decision to get married at is now only beginning to dawn how much work that entails especially when the garden needs pretty much re-modelling to accomodate the bash and we are self catering of sorts. However too late to change plans now! And it does have it's upsides.

It means we can pretty much do whatever we like without having to fit into a venue's own timetable, we are marrying in a place that is very special to us and that we love and it's also allowed us to have a 'green' wedding. I am sourcing food for dinner at the reception locally - yesterday I reserved some venison that has just been culled from Tatton Park, a gorgeous Jane Austen - esque Stately home up the road with acres of park land where the deer roam freely through out the year. In fact pretty much all our suppliers are local which cuts down massively on CO2 emmissions and 'food miles'.

We're also planning to scent the reception with Love Lula's Rose Organic Love Candle (which is free from toxic petroleum fumes because it's 100% natural and is carbon balanced) and we're using local and in season flowers - not that too many should be needed - I'm hoping that May will bring with it it's own blooms throughout the garden and I've even planted some wild bluebells at the woodland entrance to the garden. Now I just need to find some time to make sure all this running about doesn't leave me looking a haggered wreck in 3 months time! Better schedule in some pampering time this weekend.

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