Wednesday, 16 April 2008

dr alkaitis

I've fallen in love! Dr Alkaitis' organic skincare range has a cult (and massive celebrity) following in the States where his works of genius have been honed over the last decade to produce a range so pure, so full of vitality and so effective it'll knock your socks off.

I would go as far as to say this is the best organic skincare range in the world....his artisan bespoke products embody the very essence of what organic skincare is all about. He has artfully blended synergistic herbal extracts (all organic or wild crafted by the way and all extracted at very low temperatures to retain potency and he famously uses only complete extracts so you benefits from the synergystic and healing complexities of the whole herb rather than isolating single components of the herb like pharmaceutical companies do) to create a product that feels beautiful, light and soothing on the skin, that smells divine and that has no need for preservatives whatsoever (the products are made fresh and last for 12 months).

I've been using the range for the past week and have been blown away by how my skin has been experiencing a whole other level of gorgeousness. My particular favourite is the organic replenishing serum. In an aloe vera base and packed with magical ingredients, it's a very light toning, replenishing and balancing gel that you massage into your skin with your fingers. It's so effective I've not had to use any moisturiser on my skin all week, my skin has become softer, firmer and blooming with good it's clarifying my complexion and even during the time of the month I haven't had even the tiniest spot. Love it.

The Dr Alkaitis organic skincare range is being launched in the UK this summer and of course you'll be able to get your mits on it from

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