Sunday, 8 November 2009

essential oils and pregnancy

One of the questions we get asked most freqently is which essential oils can be used in pregnancy and which should be avoided. There's so much conflicting advice going around that a lot of women end up completely confused.

Most advice against essential oil use errs on the very cautious. And the lists you read of what you should and shouldn't use generally refer to therapeutic strengths of the oils....which is a much higher concentration that you would find in facial skincare products or everyday organic bodycare products.

As a general rule stay away from therapeutic spa products containing high concentrations of essential oils and bodycare products that use aromatherapy to stimulate the body's systems (eg anti cellulite products) are not really suitable.

As I said some brands err on the side of extreme caution and may label their facial skincare products as not suitable for use in pregnancy (an example is the Kimia range but I confess that I still happily using the Kimia Rejuvenating System now that I'm pregnant!).

The following brands / products that we stock at say that these products are unsuitable for use during pregnancy (a disclosure is either on the label of the product or in literature they publish):-

Trilogy Intensive Lip Repair
Kimia products (all)
Harley Street Cosmetic Products (all)
Ila Body Oil, Body Scrub
Balm Balm Body Oils – Recovery and Relaxing (not the fragrance free / baby body oil)
Alquimia Body Oils + Queen of Hungary Water (except for the Alquimia Body Stretch Stopper which is an anti stretch mark product)
Primavera Cleansing Body Scrub with Junpier & Cypress
Neom Bath Oils
Jo Wood Luxury Bath Oils and Body Oils

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