Tuesday, 22 February 2011

going nude

The days are getting longer, the Siberian freeze has lifted, is it? could it really be?....spring and summer are coming?!

This summer’s beauty looks are all about nude, barely there makeup and fresh glowing healthy skin so now’s the time to start prepping your skin for those glorious days of summer.....

Deep cleanse

The cornerstone of flawless skin is a good cleansing routine. I adore Nude Cleansing Facial Oil (£24 for 100ml) which is a whiz at removing makeup but is also uber gentle so won’t aggravate your skin and instead leaves it feeling soft and nourished.

For extra pampering treat yourself to an at home facial once a week with a clay based mask; the clay draws out any impurities that are deep in your skin and will help ward of spots and tone pores.


Dull and lack lustre skin needs a boost to help rejuvenate it and bring it back to life. Introduce an exfoliator into your skincare routine; look for one with natural aha’s from fruit which help to refine and smooth the surface of the skin making it look younger and more youthful.

Glow givers

Glow giving products will give your skin the edge in the summer months leaving you looking radiant and naturally gorgeous. New natural beauty brand OSKIA has created the perfect skin indulgence in the form of OSKIA Get up and Glow (£64.50 for 30ml), a deliciously lightweight revitalising and energising serum that increases cell respiration and ATP energy. It is also enriched with clinically-proven youth-boosting nutrients and polypeptides and contains therapeutic levels of skin transforming MSM and hyaluronic acid. Wear it on its own or over foundation for a flawless ‘no-makeup’ look.

Fake it

And if all else fails you can always fake the look! Use a natural tinted moisturiser to even your skin tone, introduce a healthy glow and subtlely cover any imperfections. I’m addicted to Latvian natural beauty brand Madara’s Moonflower Tinted Moisturiser (£23 for 100ml) which magically transforms you into a sun goddess on even the worst bad skin days.

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