Wednesday, 25 July 2012

REVIEW | Ania Nowicki reviews John Masters Organics Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner

As a health coach and health fanatic, I have been extremely fastidious about the products I use on my body for several years now. This includes what I put on my hair. It is remarkably difficult to get organic hair products that really work; I should know as I've tried most of them. For this reason I was very excited to try the John Masters Organics Lavender and Avocado Intensive Conditioner

It comes in very neat, no-nonsense packaging stating the "organic" simply without any pretension. It smells great. I can definitely sense rosemary and there are some other lovely flowery and musky scents that come through too.  

The texture is a little different to bog standard conditioners; it basically looks the same, being thick, creamy and smooth, but seems to spread in a different way. This, I realise, becomes relevant when I put it on my hair; it doesn't spread in a way that I'm used to. I feel compelled to put more on my hair and end up using double the amount than I would normally. I need to put some faith in the product as I am entirely unfamiliar to not having instant reward when it comes to conditioner, that is, instant detanglement. My patience is hugely rewarded when after a few minutes I rinse it out. My hair feels incredibly light and soft as my comb glides through it. Once dried, my hair retains the softness and it's also wonderfully shiny. I would, however, say that it leaves my hair a little heavy, so perhaps it's a product more suitable to damaged, dry hair, or for rotating with other conditioners as at £22 I would guess that most people would want it to last. Would I recommend it? Yes, I definitely would, with a preface: Keep the faith!

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