Thursday, 21 December 2006

the forest

I always imagined living in a forest - whenever anyone asked me about the future I always saw a cottage in a clearing in the middle of a magical forest. I suspect my imaginings were seeded by fairy tales such as hansel and gretal or snow white. It always seemed that magic happened in these special places and it was where wise old women and magicians like merlin lived...there was something very seductive about this to me.

Well I don't exactly live in a gingerbread house but at the bottom of my garden a little bridge runs over a stream and a woodland path then leads into my own real life magical forest. It is a place that constantly inspires me and is where I choose to explore and wander when my busy mind goes into overdrive. When I'm there I'm reminded of the incredible beauty and energy of the natural world...and it always helps to put my own problems and concerns into perspective.

Here's the forest and mere snapped this summer....

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