Friday, 15 August 2008

New! Antipodes skincare

Antipodes Organic Skincare range arrived at this week. All the products are certified organic by IFOAM which is the international umbrella organisaition which national bodies such as the Soil Association sit under.

No surprises, given its name, Antipodes hails from New Zealand and is the creative inspiration of Elizabeth Barbalich, a mother of three with a background in science and naturopathy. Antipodes skincare products are packed with skin loving and nourishing ingredients including avocado oil (bursting with phytosterols to protect against moisture loss), healing harekeke, anti bacterial manuka and anti oxidant packed Vinanza Gold.

My current favourite product in the Antipodes range is the Antipodes Hosanna Intensive Hydrating Serum, an oil free anti aging serum packed with powerful anti oxidants to repair damaged skin. Because it's oil free and beautifully light it makes an ideal anti aging treatment for oilier and easily congested skin types.
The purity of the Antipodes range though makes it ideal for anyone (with sensitive, dry or oilier skins) looking for 100% natural, certified organic products with anti aging protection.

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onno david said...

Great post. This product is so helpful. I really agree with your philosophy about antipodes in skin care. It’s so important to use only safe, natural and certified organic ingredients on your skin.

onno david
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