Thursday, 25 June 2009

Ayshea's Festival Essentials

Well the Summer’s here again and it’s time for all the Cool Dudes to strut their stuff at this Summers Music Festivals!

I have been persuaded, this year to join a group of good friends and head off to Glade Festival down in Matterly Bowl in Hampshire to enjoy some Good music, Gorgeous greenery and Abundant Sunshine (fingers crossed!)

So, I have been gathering together the perfect set of products to see me through the four days I’ll be camping there.

This is going to be my first festival, so I really want to be prepared!

My first, absolutely essential item would have to be Kimberly Sayer Anti-Oxidant Daily Moisturising Cream. This lovely moisturiser also contains SPF25, which will mean I won’t have to use a separate facial spf and most importantly, it doesn’t leave any of those annoying white residues normally associated with sunscreens!

And, of course, I won’t be leaving home without my cute little Badger friend; the SPF 15 sunscreen either! Bursting with natural ingredients and delicately scented with all manner of heavenly sounding ingredients such as Morrocan Blue Tansy, Blood Orange and Lime Oil. Not only is the packaging soooo pretty but the tube is the perfect size to carry around with you and I love the fact that it’s 100% natural and water resistant too!

Now, I won’t want to be carting loads of cosmetics around with me (For a change!) So I’ll be sure to pack my suki color lip and cheek stain in the fabulous deep red Dahlia shade. Not only does it come in a small sleek portable pot but it gives you that “just eaten a handful of crushed berries” look to the lips and brings a beautiful fresh and feminine blush to the cheeks. Just enough to carry off that natural festival make-up look. This stuff is also long lasting so you won’t need to keep re-applying it either!

So after a hard days camping I’ll be looking forward to removing my makeup with my Face Boutique Sweep Clean Cleansing Cloths. Now you may be able to handle getting down with nature and being without your home comforts but these wonderful wipes are like having a complete luxury beauty salon in a packet! The smell is so wonderful, luxurious and dreamy that you’ll be able to escape into your own little world for a few minutes each day.

Other must haves are going to be the Beaming Baby Organic Luxury Baby Wipes (to use all over the body for immediate freshness) and a bottle of Charles Jordi’s Insect repellent spray which has a fresh lemony scent to keep those pesky little midgies away!

Now, where did I put my ticket?.........xxxx

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