Tuesday, 4 January 2011

new year, new you! our skin detox tips...

New Year, new you! Lula Braithwaite, naturopath and founder of the natural beauty specialist LoveLula.com reveals her top tips for detoxing your skin this new year.....

Has letting your hair down this Christmas left your skin looking less than glowing? Follow these natural beauty tips and watch your skin come back to life...

1. Ditch the coffee – start the day with hot water and a slice of lemon
Tempting as a steaming cup of Starbucks is in the morning, if your system’s already feeling a bit sluggish you’ll feel (and see) the benefit of replacing your morning cuppa with a cup of hot water and lemon. This simple little concoction helps to kick start your liver and kidneys each morning; you’ll notice clearer skin and dark circles start to magically disappear.

2. Treat your skin to some at home spa treatments
If the budget doesn’t stretch to a weekly trip to the spa cheat and treat yourself to some at home treatments instead. Clay based masks draw imperfections out of the skin, help remove blackheads and refine pores while products containing fruit derived natural aha’s gently exfoliate dead skin cells improving skin tone and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Swap junk for super foods
Flush your system with a super food like Pukka’s Clean Greens; with chlorophyll-rich green foods like grass juices, leaf vegetables, seed sprouts, sea greens, freshwater plants and digestive herbs, it naturally supports the body's ability to cleanse itself...perfect for a new year spring clean.

4. Hydro-therapy
I still remember my first trip to a Turkish bath; I walked out feeling about 10lbs lighter and my skin radiated with the sort of healthful glow that’s hard to fake. If you go to a gym with a sauna or steam room use them each time you visit. If not create your own hydro-therapy treatments at home; use a natural body scrub in the shower, especially on areas of cellulite, then turn the shower water cold for 60 seconds then back to hot again. The changes of water temperature contract and dilate your blood vessels, ‘flushing’ and cleansing your blood.

5. Drink plenty of water
If you have just one new year’s resolution make it this. Increasing your fluid intake helps your body flush out toxins as well as improve moisture levels in your skin making your skin appear smoother and firmer.

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