Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Press | Jurlique in The Guardian

What's the story?

Jurlique started life in 1985 out of a farm in southern Australia. The brainchild of bio-chemist Dr Jurgen Klein and his wife Ulrike, it was originally created as a niche natural skincare range. Dr Klein had worked in his native Germany in herbalism, aromatherapy, nutrition and skincare, spending four years as a researcher and developer for popular natural cosmetics brand Dr Hauschka. In 1984, he and his family move to south Australia, chosen for its climate, and a year later Jurlique was launched. It is is now Australia's leading skincare brand.

So the air miles aren't great for us Brits then?

Well, no, not exactly, but Jurlique does try its best to be environmentally friendly. It grows a bunch of the herbs and flowers used in its products on its own 153-acre farm (which, for those of you who like to think of areas in relation to the size of Wales, that's 1/33,556ths) and sources others from around Australia. The target is for all products to be made up of 95% natural ingredients

Any other news?

Jurlique has just launched a treatment menu at the fancy agua Spa at Sanderson in London. I bimbled down there recently for a herbal revitalise facial (£75 for 60 minutes) sandersonlondon.com and can report back that it was delightful. The scents were gorgeous – lavender, rose – and the whole treatment was delivered while I was lying on a hyrdothermal mat (like a giant hot water bottle). And at the risk of sounding as if I've made this up, the day after the treatment a friend actually commented on the "glowing" appearance of my skin. I kid you not. It's certainly a one-off treat but there's nothing quite like the confidence you get from someone telling you your face looks nice.

- Words by Anna Chesters

At Love Lula we really pay attention to the ingredients in all our products, and only take the products that meet our criteria. Because of that, Love Lula doesn't stock the entire Jurlique So you have the choice of some lovely products and rest assured that they are best the your skin can get.
range. It does mean, however, that the products we do have are the very best in natural and organic skincare!

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