Thursday, 5 January 2012

LoveLula's New Year's Resolutions | Weight Loss

January is the time when everyone is detoxing; it is a New Year and a new start. Make 2012 your best year yet!
Here at LoveLula, we stock some of the best supplements around that can help support you and your body in your New Year health kick.
Weight Loss
We all overindulge during the Christmas period, too much mulled wine, far too many mince pies and chocolate for breakfast! Is it time to trim down?
For the inside…

New supplement brand Terra Nova bring us these capsules which help regulate metabolism, decrease body fat and support weight loss. Chronium can help enhance the effectiveness of insulin, the hormone needed for metabolism and storage of fat. By taking these supplements you can help regulate your metabolism which will help burn fat more effectively and support your January weight loss regime.

The boxed set includes four organic weight management supplements, three of which are completely new to the industry, together with a 24-page booklet full of tips, recipes and how to get the most from your supplements;
Organic Nopal - for fibre and feeling of fullness.Organic Mineral Complexto aid blood-sugar balance and improve nutritional status.Organic Soul Food Greensto alkalise the body, aid detoxification and provide amino acids.Organic Green Teafor thermogenesis (fat-burning).

These capsules will help support the body’s ability to maintain metabolism, digestion and healthy weight. They contain fruit, grass juices, seeds, seaweed, spice and plants all known to help maintain a healthy weight. When we have a healthy metabolism we burn fat more effectively throughout the day. Give your system and kick start this January.

For the outside….
Use these three products together for a cellulite busting powerhouse! The juice will cleanse your system of toxins, help shift cellulite and leave your skin healthy and you mind refreshed. Use the Birch Scrub in the shower or after soaking in the bath to remove dead skin cells and reveal glowing new smooth skin. It is super gentle and wont irritate. Exfoliate once a week with circular motions to keep skin silky smooth. Finally our hero cellulite buster is the Birch Cellulite Oil, it tones, firms, flushes toxins from the skin and restores your natural radiance
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