Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Guest Post | Stephen Terrass, the CEO and Founder of TerraNova, writes for LoveLula about today's hot topic: Vitamin D!

Health advice can be a frustrating study in contradiction, hindering our ability to make well-informed health and beauty choices. (‘Chocolate is bad for the skin / Chocolate contains powerful skin-protective antioxidants’, is one of my personal favourites.)

Perhaps the most topical example to arise in the past couple of years has to do with ultraviolet exposure. Quite rightly people have been warned of the dangers of sun worship and tanning beds, but an absolute deluge of new research seems to warrant an asterisk after such warnings.

TerraNova's Full Spectrum Multivitamin Supplements contain vitamin D
The controversy centres around vitamin D, an essential nutrient that is produced in significant quantities when the skin is exposed to UV rays. Once almost exclusively known as a bone health nutrient, more recent studies have uncovered an incredible array of potential health benefits to increasing one’s vitamin D levels - many of which were previously unknown. Examples include improved immunity, better mood management, enhanced cardiovascular and brain function, improved blood sugar control, improved skin health/reduced skin ageing, and many more.

Unfortunately, because we live in a part of the world starved of sunshine, the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency is extremely high – barely enough to maintain decent health, let alone to achieve many of the above-mentioned benefits. And unless you’re a big lover of oily fish, you might struggle to get significant amounts in your diet. This leaves supplementation as the most viable option – offering a convenient way to enhance one’s health in a multitude of ways. . . and it’s a lot less expensive than a timeshare in the Med!  

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