Wednesday, 16 May 2012

GUEST POST | Bellaboo's UK editors chat about LoveLula's model search

You may or may not know this, but we’ve recently hit the UK. We’re pretty excited about it and one of the online stores we’re in have been so taken with the Bellaboo range that we’ve been invited to share in their Model Search campaign. Some of our new UK Editors tell us a bit more:

LoveLula is one of the largest natural beauty stores here in Europe and recently they’ve launched a great competition to find 3 faces of natural beauty. Like Bellaboo, they are interested in beauty on the inside just as much as beauty on the outside and are massively into caring for the planet too. They’ve got really strict rules as to what gets in and what doesn’t ingredients wise.

Their Model Search has three different categories. The one Bellaboo is joining forces on is the 25 and under one which is open to anyone living in the UK over 16. As well as the obvious photos of yourself, they are also asking for entrants to send in 200 words explaining why natural or organic products are important to them. We love that the competition is so in line with Bellaboo’s way of doing things: beauty on the inside too, and can’t wait to see the entries.

What’s really exciting about the competition is that LoveLula have asked the Bellaboo team to be on the judging panel! But before they get their say, it’s up to everyone to have theirs. From the 1st July to the 30th, the public are being asked to vote for their favourites, which will create the shortlist which the judges choose from. So we really want to hear from you: who will you think is the Bellaboo kind of girl in the UK? We’ll be back when the 3 are chosen to tell you a bit more about them!

Go to LoveLula's Facebook page to learn all about it and check out the entries!

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