Tuesday, 15 May 2012

GUEST POST | Organic Burst Founder Ekaterina Igumentseva

Organic Burst is a new UK brand of superfoods, born from our love for all things pure, organic and ethical. Superfoods are unique plants from all over the world, cherished by the locals for millennia for their health benefits. They are rich in nutrients that we lack on a daily basis: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, fibre, good fats and amino acids. These are fully used up by our bodies thus often straight after taking superfoods you would feel revitalized!

We are huge believers in everything organic – good for your health and the planet. Our products are 100% organic, free from fillers, GMOs and pesticides. Ingredients are sourced from producers who reinvest into their local communities - changing the lives of local workers, helping them increase their income and improve living standards.
The amazing feedback and support from our customers and media has already won us three awards – the Best New Product of 2011, the Best Breakthrough Health Product and Finalist to the Best Vitamin and Mineral Supplement 2012
On lovelula.com you can choose from our range of 5 products: 

Baobab supports the immune system, digestion and boosts collagen production in the skin. It is refreshing in a glass of water or juice! 

Maca is great for energy and hormonal balance; sprinkle 1 tsp on cereal or mix it with vanilla yoghurt in the morning.  

Acai reduces the effects of ageing, boosts the metabolism and nourishes the skin. It is the secret of the stars, like Miranda Kerr. Take 3 caps a day as a part of your slimming plan. 
Spirulina is a miraculous plant that nourishes the brain, heart and nervous system. As it’s extremely high in protein (64%), have it one hour before dinner to prevent overeating. 
Wheatgrass is great to alkalise and detox, especially after that long weekend! 

The prices are kind to your wallet too – why not give Organic Burst a go?

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