Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Loving Lavera's new fruity shampoos

Lavera have just reformulated their haircare range and we've been loving the new products that are now on the website.
All the natural shampoos and conditioners have a lovely fruity base; apple for normal hair, lemon for oily, orange for fine hair, rose for dry plus there's a cornflower shampoo for dandruff.

I've been using the apple shampoo for the last few weeks (the bottles seem to last for ages which is a bonus!) and my hair is really soft and glossy (I've tried so many natural shampoos that can leave my hair dry or lacklustre) and I just love love love the natural apple fragrance. The range has a beautiful rose repair conditioner and a mango conditioner that's been formulated specially for coloured hair.
O, nearly forgot, they've also added some great little styling products; a strong hold hair gel (the first truly natural strong hold hair gel I've found) and also a natural hair spray.

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